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The curious Kabri | How to force VMware to generate a new MAC address for a virtual machine

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/06

[WayBack] The curious Kabri | How to force VMware to generate a new MAC address for a virtual machine

  1. Shut down the Guest OS.
  2. Open up the .vmx file.
  3. Delete the following lines (that begin with…):
    uuid.location =
    uuid.bios =
    ethernet0.generatedAddress =
    ethernet0.generatedAddressOffset =
  4. Boot up the Guest OS again, and it should generate new details in the vmx file (I’d check afterwards to be doubly sure).

In my experience, start with the bold values.

If the address is the same, fiddle with ethernet0.generatedAddressOffset

Be careful with the other values, as it might force your OS to think so much hardware has changed, that license keys have become invalid.

Via: [WayBack] Re-generate MAC addresses for VMs |VMware Communities



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