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To bypass a Chrome certificate/HSTS error, you can type ‘badidea’ (previously ‘thisisunsafe’) without quotes (this might change in the future)

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/11/11

For expired or self-signed certificates with an untrusted chain, you might want to by base the Chrome certificate/HSTS error message.

Instead of clicking a few times, you can also type ‘badidea’ (this used to be ‘thisisunsafe’ and might change again someday).

Based on: [WayBack] security – Does using ‘badidea’ or ‘thisisunsafe’ to bypass a Chrome certificate/HSTS error only apply for the current site? – Stack Overflow

Found via [WayBack] KPN-klanten kunnen Experiabox V10A niet benaderen door verlopen certificaat – Computer – Nieuws – Tweakers

Source code that handles this: [WayBack] components/security_interstitials/core/browser/resources/interstitial_v2.js – chromium/src – Git at Google

 * This allows errors to be skippped by typing a secret phrase into the page.
 * @param {string} e The key that was just pressed.
function handleKeypress(e) {
  var BYPASS_SEQUENCE = 'badidea';
  if (BYPASS_SEQUENCE.charCodeAt(keyPressState) == e.keyCode) {
    if (keyPressState == BYPASS_SEQUENCE.length) {
      keyPressState = 0;
  } else {
    keyPressState = 0;


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