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Splitting the ping

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/09

Cool tool that shows the asymmetric timing character of networks (usually because the send and receive paths are different): [Wayback] Splitting the ping

split-ping is a tool that can tell you what direction packet latency or loss is on. This is handy for network debugging and locating congestion.

The blog above explains the reason and details in great depth. Recommended reading.

Source code: [] benjojo/sping: Split ping, see what direction the loss or latency is on

It is supposed to work better than [Wayback] cmds/ – vendor/google/platform – Git at Google

 * Like ping, but sends packets isochronously (equally spaced in time) in
 * each direction.  By being clever, we can use the known timing of each
 * packet to determine, on a noisy network, which direction is dropping or
 * delaying packets and by how much.
 * Also unlike ping, this requires a server (ie. another copy of this
 * program) to be running on the remote end.



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