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Archive for December 1st, 2021

console convert pcap to wav: not easily possible; use the WireShark GUI to do

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/01

Wanting a simple way on the console to convert a .pcap file to a .wav file, I searched for [Wayback] console convert pcap to wav – Google Search.

The reason is that [Wayback] fritzcap (written in Python) sometimes crashes while doing the conversion of a phone recording, so then only the .pcap file is available. I still want to figure this out, but given my health situation, I might not be able to in time.

If anyone with Python experience can help, I have failing capture files lying around, and the fritzcap command-line does support decoding [Wayback/]:

# feature/re-add_documentation(+0/-0)* ± python --help
usage: [-h] [-v] [-c] [-d [file [file ...]]] [-m] [-p password]
                   [-u username] [-s] [--config_file path_to_file]
                   [--logging_config path_to_file] [--box_name host_or_IP]
                   [--call_service_port port] [--login_not_required]
                   [--protocol protocol] [--cap_folder path_pattern]
                   [--cap_file file_pattern] [--cap_interface cap_interface]
                   [--after_capture_time time_in_seconds]
                   [--decode_workers_count int]

main arguments:
  -d [file [file ...]], --decode_files [file [file ...]]
                        the list of captured files to decode. All the new
                        captures files will be decode automatically if the
                        --capture switch is set. Read the files from the
                        standard input if the list of files is empty and there
                        is no capture work.

Back to other tooling for decoding VoIPcap/pcap files

Too bad there are no easy solutions. You can use the WireShark GUI to do this, which is OK for infrequent conversions.

Here were some of the results leading me to that conclusion:


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Some notes on

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/01

Some notes, as I’m looking to a stable, simple to maintain email forwarding system that is also secure and – yes – can cost money.

I need to leave IT-infrastructure behind that is easy to maintain for my heirs.

Some links:

  • [] mausdompteur 💉 on Twitter: “Email! Yes, Email. Need to Set Email for a domain, basically forward only. Has anyone ever heard of Is it good? Any alternatives I should consider?”
  • [Wayback] The Best Free Email Forwarding Service for Custom Domains | Forward Email

    The best open-source and free email forwarding service for custom domains. We do not keep logs nor store emails. We don’t track you. Unlimited aliases, catch-alls, wildcards, API access, and disposable addresses. Built-in support for DKIM, SRS, SPF, ARC, DMARC, and more. No credit card required.

  • [Wayback] FAQ | Forward Email has a truckload of information, but the main points for me are these:

    What is the max email size limit

    We default to a 50MB size limit, which includes content, headers, and attachments. Note that services such as Gmail and Outlook allow only 25MB size limit, and if you exceed the limit when sending to addresses at those providers you will receive an error message.

    An error with the proper response code is returned if the file size limit is exceeded.

    What is the difference between Free and Enhanced Protection

    The Free plan requires you to use public DNS records to store your forwarding configuration. Anyone with a computer can lookup your forwarding configuration in a terminal if you are on the Free plan. Unlike the Free plan, the Enhanced Protection plan uses a cryptographically generated random string to store your forwarding configuration privately.

    Free Plan Enhanced Protection Plan forward-email-site-verification=m8d7o8K4Il
  • [Wayback] About | Forward Email with this very important point for me:


    We have a “zero tolerance policy” privacy policy, which states that we don’t store logs nor emails, and we don’t track users. Our statement clearly states that we do not collect nor store forwarded emails, metadata, server-side nor client-side logs, IP addresses, or browser information.

    Only an email address is required to create and configure the Enhanced Protection Plan, which hides DNS email alias information on the free plan through a managed and hosted service.

    User’s accounts, domains, and all related information can be permanently deleted at any time by the user.

  • [Wayback] Pricing | Forward Email (levels: free / enhanced protection / team / enterprise)

    Free email forwarding for domains with features including Custom Domain Email Forwarding, Disposable Addresses, Multiple Recipients, Wildcards, and more!

  • It’s open source too (written in JavaScript using Node.js), but running it requires you to keep up with versions and security: [Wayback/] forwardemail/free-email-forwarding: The best free email forwarding for custom domains. Visit our website to get started (SMTP server)


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Manually installing or updating xcode (was: ruby – Error Message “Xcode alone is not sufficient on Sierra” – Stack Overflow)

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/01

If you ever get error messages like this (Sierra can bey any MacOS version name):

  • Error: Xcode alone is not sufficient on Sierra.
  • Xcode alone is not sufficient on Sierra.

Then run this on the terminal:

xcode-select --install 

This works even if it is already installed, as the message will also show up when the current install is outdated.

Note from [Wayback] `xcode-select –install` required for OS X 10.9 Xcode command-line tools (like `zlib-devel`) « The Wiert Corner – irregular stream of stuff

There is one catch though: it might fail as you first have to start Xcode once and accept the license agreement.


Via my answer on [Wayback] ruby – Error Message “Xcode alone is not sufficient on Sierra” – Stack Overflow

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