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Archive for December 2nd, 2021

Github markdown: red text

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/02

Github officially does not support coloured text, but with a small trick, you can get a few colours by including a diff file in the markdown.

I did it when I had to put on hold open source projects due to rectum cancer recovery, for instance [Wayback] this fritzcap diff added the [Wayback] text:

which [Wayback] rendered becomes a kind of red bulleted list:

I learned this trick via [Wayback] How to add color to Github’s file – Stack Overflow (thanks to [Wayback] revisions by [Wayback] craigmichaelmartin, [Wayback] Noam Manos and [Wayback] GalaxyCat105):

You can use the diff language tag to generate some colored text:

- text in red
+ text in green
! text in orange
# text in gray
@@ text in purple (and bold)@@

However, it adds it as a new line starting with either - + ! # or starts and ends with @@

enter image description here

This issue was raised in [Wayback] github markup #369, but they haven’t made any change in decision since then (2014).

By now there is a new issue, again with little progress: [Wayback] Color text in markdown · Issue #1440 · github/markup


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LanguageTool – Online Grammar, Style & Spell Checker (English, German, Dutch, French, …)

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/02

Cool when writing texts in languages I don’t often write in, so I can read them better than I write them:

[Wayback/] LanguageTool – Online Grammar, Style & Spell Checker

It supports English (many variations, including US and UK English), German (Swiss and Austrian German too!), Dutch, and many other languages.


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parsing – delphi – strip out all non standard text characers from string – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/02

From a while back a totally non-optimised code example by me (intentionally limiting to AnsiStr as it was about filtering ASCII, and UniCode has way many code points for the Latin script).

// For those who need a disclaimer: 
// This code is meant as a sample to show you how the basic check for non-ASCII characters goes
// It will give low performance with long strings that are called often.
// Use a TStringBuilder, or SetLength & Integer loop index to optimize.
// If you need really optimized code, pass this on to the FastCode people.
function StripNonAsciiExceptCRLF(const Value: AnsiString): AnsiString;
  AnsiCh: AnsiChar;
  for AnsiCh in Value do
    if (AnsiCh >= #32) and (AnsiCh <= #127) and (AnsiCh <> #13) and (AnsiCh <> #10) then
      Result := Result + AnsiCh;

and an optimised one by [WayBack] David Heffernan

function StrippedOfNonAscii(const s: string): string;
  i, Count: Integer;
  SetLength(Result, Length(s));
  Count := 0;
  for i := 1 to Length(s) do begin
    if ((s[i] >= #32) and (s[i] <= #127)) or (s[i] in [#10, #13]) then begin
      Result[Count] := s[i];
  SetLength(Result, Count);

Even when “trivial”, I usually do not prematurely optimise as optimised code is almost always less readable than non-optimised code.

Source: [Wayback] parsing – delphi – strip out all non standard text characers from string – Stack Overflow


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