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Archive for December 3rd, 2021

Tried to find the original of “The Netherlands after a huge western storm” map

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/03

TL;DR: the picture is at the bottom; I think it is the original.

A few years ago, slightly before a big storm hit The Netherlands ([WayBack] Storm Ciara – Wikipedia), I bumped into a similar “after storm map” that had shifted cities towards the east emphasising in a funny way the expected strength of the storm.

They appeared on both Facebook and Twitter:

The second image was larger, but did not show text “Belgium” nor the upper islands from the first image. Furthermore the first image had a “@goedverhaallekkerkort” bookmark, which – on social media – usually is a sign the image is not original.

So I had to go and find an image based on the first (as it had the most data) but with larger dimensions than the second.

Using “Image Search”  for the image [] atlas – Google Search and [] storm kaart nederland – Google Search revealed many relatively small images, but also one larger image in the 20200209 post [WayBack] Oeps zo is de kaart morgen als de storm is gaan liggen😂😂😂 via [] Google Image Result for and 20180119 post [WayBack] Gewoon een verzameling hilarische foto’s #921 – VK Magazine.

I think the final one is the original: it is sharper, and has all the elements mentioned above.

Is this now the famous OSINT? Is it the original one?


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When to get your Covid-19 vaccine booster: (German) Wie gut wirkt die Coronaimpfung noch? | Tagesspiegel

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/03

Cool little web app at [Wayback/Archive] Wie gut wirkt die Coronaimpfung noch? | Tagesspiegel


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VO2max cycle test: Åstrand-Rhyming Cycle Ergometer Test

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/03

For my link archive:

In februari 2020, I was at 43.5 aged 50 while starting preparation for rectum cancer surgery (weight 85 kg, after 6 minutes warming up at 125 watt, a steady 138 bpm after 6 minute cycling at 150 watt with 60 rpm).

I thought this was remarkably high for how I felt, which was likely because I had had 35 years of training in a marching band on abdominal breathing.


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