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Archive for December 13th, 2021

Getting the primary IP address (plain and CIDR) on Linux and OS X, then nmap scan on the associated subnet

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/13

The below answer works on my Linux and OS X systems (each having multiple network adapters configured):

[WayBack] bash – How to get the primary IP address of the local machine on Linux and OS X? – Stack Overflow

ip route get 1 | awk '{print $NF;exit}'

For Linux, I have this bash function:

# note the ";exit" lists the first default route interface, as there can be multiple
function nmap-fingerprint_network_of_default_interface() {
        default_if=$(ip route list | awk '/^default/ {print $5;exit}')
        default_if_cidr=$(ip -o -f inet addr show $default_if | awk '{print $4}')
        nmap -sP $default_if_cidr

And for OS X this one:

# requires ipcalc
function nmap-fingerprint_network_of_default_interface() {
        default_if=$(route -q -n get default | awk '/interface:/ {print $2;exit}')
        default_if_address=$(ifconfig $default_if | awk '/inet / {print $2;exit}')
        default_if_netmask_hex=$(ifconfig $default_if | awk '/inet / {print $4;exit}')
        default_if_network_bit_count=$(ipcalc --nocolor --class $default_if_address $default_if_netmask_hex)
        default_if_cidr=$(echo "$default_if_address/$default_if_network_bit_count")
        nmap -sP $default_if_cidr

These are the variables used:

  • default_if: network interface of the default route
  • default_if_cidr: IPv4 CIDR of the network interface of the default route (see Classless Inter-Domain Routing: CIDR notation – Wikipedia)
  • default_if_address: IPv4 address of network interface of the default route
  • default_if_netmask_hex: hexadecimal IPv4 network mask of network interface of the default route
  • default_if_network_bit_count: number of set bits in the IPv4 network mask of the network interface of the default route

Links used to get the above functions:

I might have gotten away with a pure bash solution (see [WayBack] Bash script for calculating network and broadcast addresses from ip and netmask or CIDR Notation · GitHub or my post Getting your local IPv4 addresses, netmasks and CIDRs), but the above works and is way shorter, and easier to maintain.

In stead of ipcalc, subnetcalc can do the same calculations and also supports IPv6, so that is something for a future try:


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Reset MikroTik through LCD TouchScreen when reset button procedure fails

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/13

I wanted access to a supposedly reset a MikroTik [WayBack] MikroTik CRS109-8G-1S-2HnD-IN, but the default credentials did not work. Somehow, keeping the reset button pushed for almost 20 seconds also did not reset+reboot it.

Luckily, the default PIN code was still 1234 ([WayBack] Manual:LCD TouchScreen: PIN code – MikroTik Wiki) so I could reset it ([WayBack] Manual:LCD TouchScreen: Reboot and Reset Configuration – MikroTik Wiki).

After this, I changed credentials and PIN, documented configuration and credentials, and ensured there is a back-up of that documentation available.

Note: fiddling with power and reset button might have worked, though it is odd the CRS109 documentation does not mention this. PIN code worked faster, so that’s what solved my issue first.



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Rabobank webcare phone contact: +31887226767

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/13

In case something you want to arrange in the on-line Rabobank portal fails, you can call their web-care team:

[] Rabobank on Twitter: “Hi Jeroen, jammer dat het online niet lukt. Ik adviseer om te bellen met mijn collega’s op 088 722 67 67. Fijne dag 🍀 ^Liesbeth… “

In my case as custodian, it was impossible to on-line change the bank statements from paper to digital, even after following [WayBack] Wijzigen of stoppen ontvangst rekeningafschriften – Rabobank.

The on-line team changed it for me in a matter of minutes.


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