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Archive for December 16th, 2021

Delphi MVVM links

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/16

After I did conference presentations and wrote a magazine article and in 2013 about Delphi MVVM using DSharp, I saw a 3 articles in 2018, then I went through a big rollercoaster involving rectum cancer treatment.

After recovering, I found that there is one commercially project working on an MVVM framework implementation.

So here are some links on MVVM from new to old:

In my experience experimenting with MVVM and other three- and four-letter frameworks, I found a recurring concept is “convention over configuration”. This relies heavily on having matching names in the various layers.

There you see a big drawback in the Delphi compiler: it lacks a NameOf expression, which means a lot of literal strings ending in your code. Few of the MVVM frameworks have good logging explaining when literals mismatch.

The C# compiler also took a while (until C# version 6 in 2015) to get one, but now supports the [Wayback] nameof expression – C# reference | Microsoft Docs. Some more documentation about this:

Furthermore, the Delphi compiler lacks helpers on interfaces and helpers for generics (heck, I would actually want full extension methods) and generic parameters for methods on interfaces (which is different from the generic parameters on the interface declaration itself). This lack of these features often cause for convoluted syntax to workaround this. Stefan explains the first lacks more clearly in [Wayback] Delphi sorcery: Why no extension methods in Delphi?.

Requests for the nameof expression and interface helpers have been there since at least 2015:


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BHACP021 Chime Pro (2nd Generation) Teardown Internal Photos EMC TEST REPORT Ring

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/16

So you do not have to do a tear-down yourself: [Wayback] BHACP021 Chime Pro (2nd Generation) Teardown Internal Photos EMC TEST REPORT Ring

Chime Pro (2nd Generation) Internal Photos details for FCC ID 2AEUPBHACP021 made by Ring LLC. Document Includes Internal Photos EMC TEST REPORT


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Some ESXi 7.x notes

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/16

Yes, I know this is late in the game, but I’m still catching up with some of the things after from autumn 2019 to spring 2021 spending most of my time on rectum cancer treatment and other core things.

So here are some links on ESXi 7.x so I know what to expect to upgrade existing ESXi 6.x installations and get some new ones up. This will hopefully make some software development easier too, as I plan to have a build-rig some day.

But first of all a surprise for me:

ESXi 7 on ARM

I had not expected ESXi 7 to be available on ARM in 2020 yet, but it’s there and certified to run on Raspberry Pi 4. So here are some links:

ESXi 7 on x64

The bulk of the links:


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