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Some links on repairing the Windows Recovery partition after cloning a Windows 10 disk

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/01

Somehow after cloning a Windows 10 disk to SSD, the regular partition worked fine, but the recovery partition (sometimes called WinRE: short for Windows Recovery Environment or Windows RE) didn’t.

In short, I only had to perform two actions to get this fixed, both from the Administrator elevated command prompt:

  • Set the partition ID of the Recovery partition from 7 to 27 (this is for an MBR disk; for GPT disks, these values are different, see the first link below). I did this using diskpart.
  • Re-enabling the Recovery partition by executing reagentc /info to check if it was disabled, then reagentc /enable (if it wasn’t disabled first, I had to precede it with reagentc /enable).

    Before this, bcdedit /enum would only return the Windows Boot Loader entry for the C: drive, but had no recoverysequence and now it had.

Since there are cases where much more action is needed, here are some links for just when I run into more complicated situations:

  1. [Wayback] partitioning – Setting WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) Flag On Partitions – Super User (thanks [Wayback] User NetwOrchestration!), which references these:

    MBR Disks (BIOS installation):

    GPT Disks (UEFI installation):

  2. [Wayback] Boot Configuration Data Editor Frequently Asked Questions | Microsoft Docs
  3. [Wayback] Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) | Microsoft Docs
  4. [Wayback] REAgentC command-line options | Microsoft Docs
  5. [Wayback] windows – Add recovery partition to advance boot menu options – Super User
  6. [Wayback] TeraByte Unlimited Knowledge Base: Repairing the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)
  7. [Wayback] How to: Create a Recovery Drive for reinstalling Windows 10 – Microsoft Community
  8. [Wayback] How to Use and Repair Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) on Windows 10? | Windows OS Hub
  9. [Wayback] Customizing the recovery partition after upgrading the OS from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 | Microsoft Docs
  10. [Wayback] How to Create a Custom, Updated Windows 10 Recovery Partition
  11. [Wayback] Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade | Tutorials


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