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WordPress undocumented Classic-Editor shortcut “Shift-Ctrl-F” that goes full screen

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/28

Suddenly, a while ago, because of a stuck modifier key I suddenly had the WordPress classic editor running in full screen without any indication to go back, nor an opportunity to save the content.

It wasn’t the usual “Shift-Alt-W” [Wayback] Distraction Free Writing – Make WordPress Support (which still allows you to hover over the sidebars to make them visible, and has a visual indication of the mode).

After lot’s of trying, I figured out the toggle “Shift-Ctrl-F” toggles between normal and full screen mode. It seems unavailable in the new editor, so that might be a reason ([Wayback] Keyboard Shortcuts |

The shortcut is odd too, as in most tooling “Ctrl-F” modifications like “Shift-Ctrl-F” have something to do with find or replace operations.

It was quite tough finding any reference to this shortcut, as my initial search revealed none: [Wayback] “WordPress” “Shift-Ctrl-F” full screen – Google Search.

Later I reversed the modifiers in [Wayback] “WordPress” “Ctrl-Shift-F” full screen – Google Search and found [Wayback] How to disable non-system hotkeys on Windows – gHacks Tech News

Simple Disable Key is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices that enables you to block non-system hotkeys.

Not all hotkeys are useful however. When I work on a WordPress site for instance, I sometimes press the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-F by accident. This switches the editor to full screen view which I never use.

First time I invoked the full screen editor I had to look up the shortcut as I could not reproduce it.


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