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Hatig all these on-line portals of banks, mortgage/insurance companies, energy/water suppliers to get yearly information out: too disparate, too many UX steps

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/28

In the past, life was simple: you got yearly statements of many institutions like banks, mortgage/insurance companies, energy/water suppliers.

Those statements all had the same process:

  1. sent in an envelope
  2. statement were on scannable paper (A4 over here in The Netherlands)
  3. my Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500 scanner (in the past a somewhat less fast Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 scanner) scans and OCRs the statement into a portable and reasonable named PDF file in less than 30 seconds
  4. copy paste the required information into my administration software

Now it is a disparate mess of processes:

  • some come by email, but in various formats, often getting automatically deleted or bounced because some marketing person got their KPI, put too much trackers in it or made it look too much like advertisements
  • most by now are to be manually downloaded via portals
    • in all sorts of forms and user experience
    • having credentials that often expire within a year and need to be renewed (a lengthy process as incoming email need to go through a greylist in order to lessen SPAM)
    • demonstrating slow PDF generation (often 10s of seconds)
    • download them in formats needing post processing (like ZIP files containing the PDF files, filenames with names like “Download.pdf” )
  • often getting bitmap PDFs that have no OCR: just a plain bitmap that you have to type all information from

Based on [Wayback] Thread by @jpluimers: Ik wordt doodmoe van al die on-line omgevingen van banken, verzekeraars en al die andere shit die je voor de belastingdienst bij elkaar moet zoeken. Je bent gewoon een dag bezig……








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