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Windows: Where is my DropBox configuration?

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/08/18

Running DropBox on a roaming profile is a pain, especially when DropBox auto-starts.

Limitation: you can now use it on only 1 PC in the roaming profile domain at a time (I’ve not yet tried Open Source Software and Windows 32-bit: Multiple Dropbox (Do It Yourself).)

The reason is that depending on the logoff/logon order of machines, DropBox will overwrite parts of its configuration, and then think it needs to start with a fresh configuration.


  • Make backups of the configuration
  • Remove DropBox from the StartUp folder

Your StartUp folder is at %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (I’ve renamed the DropBox.lnk file into DropBox.lnk.bin)

Your DropBox configuration is under %AppData%\DropBox and consists of quite a few .db/.dbx file pairs (which are plain/encrypted SqlLite3 database files) detailed at Jake Viens’ Forensic Blog: Dropbox Forensics, and a bin directory with the DropBox application.

I’ve not yet tried to decrypt these files, but it should be possible given Decrypting the Dropbox filecache.dbx file – new free tool! | Magnet Forensics.

The steps I took are devided in two pases: first time initialization and everyday use.

First time initialization

  1. Move the DropBox shortcut link away from the StartUp folder (for instance: move it to the desktop)
    Normally it points to the full path of %AppData%\DropBox\bin\Dropbox.exe followed by the /systemstartup parameter
  2. Run DropBox from the moved shortcut link
  3. Go through the registration process (you might want to move your files to a non-roaming location like under %LocalAppData%, I moved it to %LocalAppData%\DropBox).
  4. Let DropBox completely sync
  5. Quit DropBox
  6. Make a backup of  %AppData%\DropBox (I’ve a robocopy mirror script that copies it to  %AppData%\DropBox.bak)

Everyday use

  1. After login, run the saved DropBox shortcut link
  2. If it fails: restore a backup
  3. If it succeeds: make a backup every couple of days (always make a backup when a new version of DropBox is installed)

Making a new backup

  1. Quit dropbox
  2. Make a backup of  %AppData%\DropBox (I’ve a robocopy mirror script that copies it to  %AppData%\DropBox.bak)

Restoring a backup

  1. Quit dropbox
  2. Restore a a backup to  %AppData%\DropBox (I’ve a robocopy mirror script that restores it from  %AppData%\DropBox.bak)


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