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World Food Supplies: The Ukraine Crisis – a Chain Reaction with Massive Global Impact (by Paul van Ruiten from Bureau OM and Kees Huizinga) #Ukraine #UkraineWar

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/04/15

The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine causes a chain reaction on the world food supplies.

Paul van Ruiten of Bureau OM made the below insightful diagram showing that is going on.

It is not complicated as it is an easy to follow chain of cause and effect where in all the parts, Ukraine needs at least three to four of these:

  • Safety
  • Port Access
  • Diesel
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Water (from the Dnieper river)
  • Pest Control
  • Truck Drivers
  • Staff

Currently there is already a world-wide increase in food prices and shortages of some foods. This will worsen when in this spring the situation in Ukraine fails to improve (read: Russia gets kicked out).

Large image below the signature from [Wayback/Archive] FPvodTdWQAgmt9k (4096×3100) which you can also download as [Wayback] PDF.


  • [Wayback/Archive] Paul van Ruiten (@paulvruiten) / Twitter
    • [Wayback/Archive] Cases – Bureau Om : Bureau Om

      Visualisatie voedselcrisis Oekraïne

      Op 24 februari 2022 werd de wereld verrast door de Russische inval in Oekraïne. Een Nederlandse boer in de Oekraïne, Kees Huizinga, liet op verzoek van zijn Oekraïnes collega’s voor 2 weken zijn boerderij achter om in Europa uit te leggen wat de mondiale consequenties zijn van de inval. Hij vroeg me om de complexiteit in beeld te brengen. Onderstaand de gemaakte visualisatie. Deze is ook [Wayback] hier te downloaden (pdf).


      Kaart Oekraïne: www.CNN.COM  Data per 14 maart 2022, 15:00 E.T. Bron: The Institute for the Study of War with the AEI’s Critical Threats Project; LandScan HD for Ukraine. Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Graphic: Renée Rigdon, CNN.
      Import en export data: Volkskrant 19 03 2022. Source: FAO.

Via: [Wayback/Archive] Leon Simons on Twitter: “@DutchFarmerInUA Thank you and compliments for this clear presentation of this complex predicament. I found the high resolution pdf version on the website for readability: …”





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