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Archive for the ‘Geeky’ Category


Posted by jpluimers on 2020/02/14

A long time ago, I named a tool Cerberus after the mythical multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld, as it was to inspect client systems configurations to prevent they would enter a bad state.

Since I need a multi-headed tool later on, below are some links on multi-headed (Polycephaly – Wikipedia) creatures to give me inspiration.

Some of them are centered around war, others around hell, are dragons or monsters, and a few are guardians. Later I will try to put a classification in a table or so.

The idea is to replace my current Apache TLS offloading (that uses letsencrypt/certbot for the certificates) with something else like an nginx one, and maybe even make the internal part TLS too (so it becomes TLS upstreaming) so these will come in useful too:

Instead of nginx, HAproxy might be a an option too, especially as it understands TCP traffic other than http much better than nginx:

This means I should first look into nginx vs haproxy – Google Search, for instance these posts:


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IP over Avian Carriers

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/02/21

From the geek fun department: [WayBackIP over Avian Carriers – Wikipedia.

I learned through this slightly after the fight to keep HTTP status code 418 (I’m a teapot) which is part of RFC2324 released on April 1st, 1998.

The IP over Avian Carriers is part of three RFCs, all released on April 1st in various years:


via: Http-statuscode ‘I’m a teapot’ is voorlopig veilig – IT Pro – .Geeks – Tweakers

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Zamzar – video converter, audio converter, image converter, eBook converter – via @Matijn

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/12

Even for Geeks like me, this is a great on-line tool for converting media files: [WayBackZamzar – video converter, audio converter, image converter, eBook converter

Thanks Matijn for pointing me to this.

And for nerds there is ffmpeg:

for name in *.ogg; do ffmpeg -i "$name" -ab 128k -map_meta_data 0:0,s0 "${name/.ogg/.mp3}"; done;


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Schrödinger’s dir Source: #ProgrammerHumor

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/31

[WayBack] Schrödinger’s dir : ProgrammerHumor


Via: [WayBack] Schrödinger’s dir – Source: #ProgrammerHumor – This is why I Code – Google+

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It’s about world Cassette Store Day…

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/10/08

The Compact Cassette has been on a comeback path for a few years now and around this time of the year, I expect the [WayBack] Cassette Store Day to happen (check out for the exact date).

So it’s time to re-share the The Daily Drawing by Lorie Ransom on the right.

[WayBackThe Daily Drawing by Lorie Ransom for Mar 13, 2017 | Read Comic Strips at


Background info:


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