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Dropbox – Simplify your life – easy way to sync your iOS Delphi XE2 FireMonkey stuff between your Mac and PC

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/20

One of the things hard when doing FireMonkey iOS development Delphi XE2 is that you have a multi stage process:

  1. Develop and test using Delphi XE2 on Windows
  2. Compile and deploy on the iOS Simulator using xCode on OS X
  3. Deploy on the real iOS hardware using xCode OS X

Basically you need to share your project files both ways between Windows and OS X.

Naturally, you would share files between your Mac and Windows using Samba. With the introduction of OS X Lion, the Samba support was rewritten, causing all sorts of problems.

One of the problems is that it uses a lot of CPU (I tried copying over a 40GB VM, and stopped because the fan in my MacBook Air was making so much noise, I was afraid it was going to take off).
I didn’t even realize it had one, but a MacBook Air has a Fan, and it vents through the keyboard :)

Now I use DropBox to share files between it. If you like that to, sign up with the URL at the end of this line. The 2GB account is free!

And if you know a better way of sharing: please let me know!


Via: Dropbox – Referrals – Simplify your life.

15 Responses to “Dropbox – Simplify your life – easy way to sync your iOS Delphi XE2 FireMonkey stuff between your Mac and PC”

  1. donald shimoda said

    A lot better than use samba and dropbox (?) is use a sftp server.

  2. nospam said

    Read the T&C of Dropbox carefully.

  3. LDS said

    BTW: “Samba” was not _rewritten_, was _removed_ from Lion :) “Samba” ( is a *nix open source implementation of Microsoft’s “SMB” (Server Message Block protocol, sometimes also called “CIFS” (Common Internet File System, although CIFS is a subset of SMB. Calling SMB Samba is incorrect.

  4. Bob Laublaw said

    I love Dropbox! It’s like using a USB flash drive, without the risk of losing it. Sync everything between Windows, Mac, iPhones and netbooks. Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! Even more free space with a referral link: Get Dropbox

  5. bman said

    Be aware of DropBox policies, READ the info on the site, Dropbox may not be secure enough for your needs.

    • Moritz Beutel said

      I like Dropbox for its ease of use, and I even use it to backup my repositories, working directories and documents, but I wouldn’t do so without additional security measures. Some suggest to use TrueCrypt with DropBox but that approach can easily break apart because TrueCrypt creates a single massive file which contains the virtual drive instead of encrypting files individually.

      For me, the Windows port of EncFS (; requires Dokan: did the trick. It encrypts on a per-file basis; by “mounting” an EncFS directory one can load it as a virtual drive which can be accessed normally. The file system has its rough edges but it works fine if you don’t edit the files in-place but simply sync them with XCOPY.

  6. Personally I’m doing all my Delphi development on a Virtual Machine on my Mac, and the easiest way I have found is to simply share a phisical folder on my mac in my virtual machine. Using VMWare Fusion for example you can simply share your Documents folder or My Documents between your mac and windows VM.

  7. LDS said

    Couldn’t you simply share through a VCS? It will simplify a lot keeping files in sync. Better than transferring your work outside your perimeter…

    • jpluimers said

      I’d love a VCS that automatically would pick up any file in a certain directory tree and just pick it up, store it, and distribute it.

      • LDS said

        Don’t know what you mean for “pick it, store it and distribute it”, but a VCS is what I use to keep files in sync between Windows and Linux. If SMB does not work, and you could always try a NFS share, if MacOSX supports it. Windows has NFS support through SFU (XP) or built in (7, but just the Enterprise and Ultimate versions), don’t know about Vista. Then you can use a tool like robocopy to keep directories in sync.

  8. Troy Wolbrink said

    I didn’t know that the Samba part in Lion was rewritten. That explains why I’ve had so many issues w/ networking between my Mac 10.7.1 and my PC. My 10.6.8 box isn’t having these issues.

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