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3rd Generation iPads most important aspect: 264ppi screen resolution (via: Entering A High-Resolution, Post-PC World… | The Future of Reading

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/04/02

Ever since I bought PCs, monitors, laptops and other devices with displays, I went for the highest resolution I could afford (though I didn’t try the QXGA 2048×1536 in my Thinkpad T60 or T61p)

I bought a 13-inch MacBook Air, not a MacBook Pro not because of SSD (it is nice, no doubt), but because the screen resolution.

Small digression:

Last year, I had a huge disappointment where almost all laptop manufacturers were not only ditching 1920×1200 in favour of 1920×1080 (that’s 10% less vertical display estate right where apps waste that with higher toolbars, ribbons, task bars, etc!), but also ditched the 1920 pixel wide 15.something inch form factors in favour of 17 inch screens. Switching from 15 to 17 inch adds another 2 pounds to your laptop. Not nice!

Now the 3rd generation iPad beats all of my other displays. Not only in resolution (it does), but especially in ppi: at 264 ppi it reads like paper.

It took a long time, but this will introduce a new era of high ppi displays on mobile, and hopefully not so mobile devices so we have retina displays (measured at viewing dinstance) everywhere (and might also introduce the post-PC era, though the issue of software development on all those smart devices needs to be solved first; more on that in a later post).

So over the last 20 years, we went from lean back paper through lean forward reading displays into lean back reading iPad and ePaper at comfortable (264 / 200+) ppi.

Now that’s progress:

The 3rd Generation iPad has a display resolution of 264ppi. And still retains a ten-hour battery life (9 hours with wireless on). Make no mistake. That much resolution is stunning. To see it on a mainstream device like the iPad – rather than a $13,000 exotic monitor – is truly amazing, and something I’ve been waiting more than a decade to see.

It will set a bar for future resolution that every other manufacturer of devices and PCs will have to jump.

Having that much resolution in a handheld device will be the final step in changing reading forever. I’m not the only one who believes this. Andrew Rashbass, chief executive of The Economist Group, recently gave a fascinating presentation he called LeanBack 2.0. He postulates that in the days of print, we leaned back and read. The Web and computers made us lean forward to read. Devices like the iPad have restored our ability to lean back, relax, and read. LeanBack 2.0!


via: 3rd Generation iPad: Entering A High-Resolution, Post-PC World… | The Future of Reading.

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