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domain name system – How to test DNS glue record? – Server Fault

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/05/26

Thanks Adrian W for providing the below example in your answer about obtaining GLUE record information for a domain.

It is an excellent showcase for the $IFS Internal Field Separator available in any nx shell.

In this case it is used to get the TLD (top-level domain) from the domain name specified at the command-line.

After that, it obtains the name servers for that TLD, and queries the glue records there, both using dig.

Here is a little shell script which implements Alnitak’s answer:

for P in $1; do

echo "TLD: ${TLD}"
DNSLIST=$(dig +short ${TLD}. NS)
for DNS in ${DNSLIST}; do
  echo "Checking ${DNS}"
  dig +norec +nocomments +noquestion +nostats +nocmd @${DNS} $1 NS

Pass the name of the domain as parameter:



via domain name system – How to test DNS glue record? – Server Fault.

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