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Amazon 2FA Account Recovery HOWTO I had enabled 2FA on my account,…

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/25

[WayBackAmazon 2FA Account Recovery HOWTO I had enabled 2FA on my account,… – Kristian Köhntopp – Google+

Quoted in full as it is too important to forget where I put this:

Amazon 2FA Account Recovery HOWTO

I had enabled 2FA on my account, and the device running the only copy of the TOTP seed has been destroyed. I wanted to disable 2FA on my account in order to be able to access the account until a replacement phone was available.

To enable 2FA on an account, you have to login to using your credentials and then go through the 2FA procedure.

Calling the german hotline for help did not work. They did not know about 2FA disablement and were unable to help me. They did know about 2FA in general, have been able to verify and validate my identity and were generally friendly. They have been calling me back repeatedly.

I later remembered how I enabled the 2FA and did try to login to, giving my german credentials and ended up on the “Enter 2FA code” screen. There is a link at the bottom, “Did not receive code”.

Clicking that link takes you to a screen where you can choose between Google Authenticator and SMS identification.

I chose SMS auth, did receive a 6 digit code, entered that and was able to auth. I then was able to temporarily disable 2FA and regain control of my US account. This also disabled 2FA for my german account, and I now have my German account back.



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