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btrfs free space. It’s complicated. Still.

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/09

Everytime a btrfs based volume runs out of space, I’m reminded of these:

There are a few scripts that help you assess quota usage. If you think they are wrong, then you need to btrfs quota rescan / which tells you that it started, but won’t tell when it’s finished (nor wil journalctl -xe a.k.a. journalctl --catalog --pager-end), but dmesg does:

# dmesg | grep qgroup
[ 316.608122] BTRFS info (device sda2): qgroup scan completed (inconsistency flag cleared)

For now I’ve this quick script to start investigation:

~/Versioned/btrfs-du/btrfs-du && df -h | grep "\/$\|^[^\/]" && btrfs quota rescan -s /

It assumes there is quota on the root (enable with btrfs quota enable /) and is based on my fork The df will limit itself to the root (trailing / matched by \/$) or disks not mounted from / (matched by ^[^\/]).


References (not solutions):

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