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PlasticSCM: seriously? Comment size too long (which means your checkin message is too long), and why can’t I request a code review?

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/13

Good job PlasticSCM! Imposing limits on what you can write. Not!

It is not actually the comment size, but the commit message length (naming things consistently is hard).

Comment size is too long. Its current length is 2397, whereas the maximum allowed length is 1000

This after I had a big fight where the PlasticSCM “Undo Unchanged” action is unreliable: after that, if you refresh, then diff some of the files they show as “idental”, nor nothing at all happens (Beyond Compare is if big help showing “files are binary the same”).

After the commit (which is actually called “Checkin” in the UI button, so far for naming things consistently), I cannot even request for a code review:

Finally I need to find out the cause of the below message when I click on “Checkin” (i.e. not Checkout):

Can't perform a checkout in an edited xlink.



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