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(35) Enabling New Hardware in U-Boot – Jon Mason, Broadcom Ltd. – YouTube

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/20

Lots of interesting information, especially these discussions where Alexander Graf chipped in:

The hand off of the boot loader to the actual OS payload. The payload and U-boot are in memory running at the same time. The payload can call back into U-boot through the uEFI API that U-boot implements so that the payload provides extra drivers enabling for instance a subsequent graphical stage (splash screen, menus, etc), more hardware access and so on. You even could pass ACPI tables through U-boot to the payload and help shooting yourself in the foot.

Important aspects for upstreaming:

  • keep commits short so they are easy to review
  • make sure patches are always rebaseable for each and every commit set (so it compiles throughout)
  • this tremendously helps doing a git bisect
  • it makes adding features that other parts depend on hard: you need to think on chicken & egg situations in advance



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