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SQL Server Downloads | Microsoft

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/11/14

[WayBack] SQL Server Downloads | Microsoft

Get started with Microsoft SQL Server downloads. Choose a SQL Server trial, edition, tool, or connector that best meets your data and workload needs.

Downloading offline installers is the same for both: run the .EXE, then choose to download off-line media.

This is much easier than subscribing to Visual Studio Dev Essentials below.

Then depending on the edition, make the choice:



Note that you cannot download to a compressed NTFS folder:

Below are some direct links, also for older versions.



These links help you choose between Developer and Express:

Links in part via:




SQL Server 2017 Express


SQL Server 2016 Express


[WayBack] Download Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Express from Official Microsoft Download Center


From [WayBack] The SQL Express 2008 family is getting bigger – SQL Server Express WebLog via [WayBack] Sql Server Express download (what version?):

SQLEXPR32_x86_ENU.exe / SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe

  • SQLEXPR identifies the core edition, the addition of the 32 means that it is a 32bit only package. (We do this in order to reduce the size for deployment.) Without the 32 means it supports installing in the WoW subsystem on an x64 platform, but it’s still the 32bit version of SQL Express.
  • x86 is used to identify that this is the 32bit version of SQL Express.
  • ENU identifies the language, English here. Different languages will have different three letter suffixes.


  • x64 is used to identify that this is the 64bit version of SQL Express, so it can only be installed on x64 systems. We don’t support installing SQL Express onto IA64 computers.


  • These are the package names for SQL Express with Tools.
  • There is no 32bit only package for this edition, just the 32bit WoW package.


  • Same as above but for SQL Express Advanced.


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