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Mapping US-English Keyboard keys to Turkish

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/01/27

I wrote about Delphi, IBX and the Turkish I problem about a year and a half ago. Back then, I could use a US-English system to reproduce the problem. This time, I had a problem on a Turkish system running an embedded version of Windows with hardly any UI tools available (especially no Windows Explorer).

Luckily, I had the command prompt, but it looked like this:

X:\>mode con codepage

Status for device CON:
    Code page:      857

X:\>mode con codepage select 437
Invalid parameter - select

X:\>mode con codepage select=437
Invalid parameter - select

Status for device CON:
    Lines:          300
    Columns:        120
    Keyboard rate:  31
    Keyboard delay: 1
    Code page:      437


I tried the [WayBack] modecommand to change from [WayBack] code page 857(Turkish) to [WayBack] code page 437(IBM PC or OEM-US) which is the default on US-English systems, but that did not change the keyboard locale, not even for the command prompt.

Already the above statement needed a mapping for the = character, so I now clearly need a more complete way of doing this.

Mapping of US-English to QWERTY Turkish Q-keyboard

I found out most Turkish systems are based on the [WayBack] QWERTY Turkish Q-keyboard as opposed to the [WayBack] Turkish F-keyboard layout (which would require a much larger mapping):

Turkish Q-keyboard layout

 Turkish F-keyboard layout

 United States keyboard layout

 US-International keyboard layout (Windows)

The below conversion table is far from complete, for now it consists of the keys I needed back then. The above layouts will help me to extend it further when I need it:

Character needed Turkish key combination US-English keys combination US-English character on keyboard Unicode point Unicode description
= Shift0 Shift0 =
: Shift. Shift/ ?
\ AltGr* AltGr- ¥ U+00A5 YEN SIGN
/ Shift7 Shift7 '
$ AltGr4 AltGr4 ¤ U+00A4 CURRENCY SIGN


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