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Archive for the ‘internatiolanization (i18n) and localization (l10)’ Category

Crowdsourcing App-Translation with in-app message – Christoph Wiesner – Medium

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/09/13

Interesting approach on how a free app got itself free translations: Case Study on engaging users to become app translators

Source: [WayBackCrowdsourcing App-Translation with in-app message – Christoph Wiesner – Medium

The app: Visual Timer – Countdown

Platforms used:

  • Firebase is Google’s mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business.Source: Firebase
  • POEditor is an online localization management tool, perfect for collaborative or crowdsourced translation projects. Translate websites, apps, games and more!Source: Software Localization Management Platform




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G+ thread: Do i need to create one TFormatSettings instance for every thread?

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/23

A very interesting thread at [WayBack] Do i need to create one TFormatSettings instance for each thread that needs it? If i want the same settings (for all threads), th… – Dany Marmur – Google+

It’s about:

Recommended reading!

It made me go back to these style guides (from oldest to newest):

And Stefan Glienke reminded me naming is always hard, so I found back these from a distant past:

Note most of the above Links point to (archives of) Delphi 2007 documentation as the behaviour is that old and that the below identifiers  were not mentioned in the thread.

The FormatSettings variable was introduced in Delphi XE but only documented in XE2 and up.

Until that, other global variables like the [WayBackSysUtils.DecimalSeparator Variable were used.


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A Programmer’s Introduction to Unicode – Nathan Reed’s coding blog

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/26

Must read if you do i18n or l10n: [WayBackA Programmer’s Introduction to Unicode – Nathan Reed’s coding blog


[WayBack] Even if you’ve been programming with Unicode for years, this well-written article is worth reading. – Kevin Powick – Google+



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Field “id” not found, the The Turkish-İ/I/i/ı and case conversion and case folding – Update on the dasBlog Turkish-I bug and a reminder to me on Globalization – Scott Hanselman

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/06/05

Reminder to self: in Turkey, they have more than just the lowercase i and uppercase I. In fact these are the i characters you can get:

Note there are more non-US latin characters in Turkey, see the links below for some lists.

The Turkish case conversion is inside the same group of dotted. The English case conversion is from dotted lowercase i to dotless uppercase I as shown in [WayBackInternationalizing Turkish: Dotted and Dotless Turkish Letter “I”:

English vs. Turkish Case Mappings
Language Letter Lowercase
English i i I
Turkish dotted i i İ
Turkish dotless ı ı I

In general, this problem is called [WayBack] Case Folding and many environments do not have good and ready to use solutions for this.

In my case, I was getting Field "id" not found messages for all tables that had an ID field. The reason was that somewhere in the path from my code to the database, either a comparison or case conversion wasn’t taking into account the above mappings.

Though the underlying database indicates I shouldn’t in [WayBackDo I have to use UPPERCASE identifiers?, it appears that something in the path from my code via IBX to the Firebird 2.5 database has issues on Turkish machines. The good thing: Database WorkBench 5.x doesn’t have that issue for a regular query.

Usually databases are only cases sensitive with quoted identifiers, but not all are: [WayBackLorenzo Alberton – Articles – Database identifiers, quoting and case sensitivity

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When Windows suddenly starts mixing up keys for various applications.

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/05/14


  • many people use the left-alt key as it as it is more accessible
  • development tools uses a lot of Alt-Shift based keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows by default has the Left Alt+Shift shortcut enabled to switch language+keyboard layout combinations
  • In most countries, Windows by default has more than one language+keyboard combination installed
  • Windows remembers per application instance which language+keyboard combination is used

every now and then you will get strange characters in only your development tools.

You can change this Windows setting, but be aware that every now and then, various Windows versions will re-enable the Left Alt+Shift even if you have previously disabled it. As of Windows 7 this occurs far less often, but still seems to occur.

Source: Question: Does anyone else have instances in the IDE (Berlin but has happened…

Comments at


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