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Archive for the ‘GoogleCalendar’ Category

Need to keep an eye on Clockwise until it supports either personal (non G-Suite) Google accounts or Office-365

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/07

Too bad that when trying this out in 2021, you got the message

Please sign in with your work Google account.Clockwise does not currently support signing in with a personal Google account.

G-Suite only

G-Suite only

Note that if you have a G-Suite account, it needs these cookies to be accepted to signup via []

Please enable cookies to sign in to Clockwise

Google sign in requires that third party cookies are enabled to work properly.
  1. Open cookie settings by going to this url: chrome://settings/content/cookies
  2. At the bottom, in the “Allow” section, click “Add”.
  3. In the dialog that opens, copy and paste: [*.]
  4. Repeat step 2, this time in the dialog copy and paste: [*.]
Without this setting, Clockwise may be unable to log you in or keep your session active.
The domains on which cookies are required.

The domains on which cookies are required.

More info:



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Google calendar: add a yearly repeating event on the last/#th/first weekday of a month

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/05

TL;DR: recurrence in Google Calendar can be tough.

Adding a yearly repeating event on a last weekday (where weekday is any day of the week: sunday, monday, etc) of a month in Google Calendar was a lot less obvious than I hoped for.

The easiest path “Custom Event” by default does not show last/#th/first, only a fixed date when selecting yearly or monthly repeating events, which is contrary to the suggested answer at [Wayback/] Google calendar question: How to set an event to repeat on the first Monday of a specific Month : google:

Create an event on September 3rd. Choose custom recurrence. Repeat every 12 months monthly on the first Monday. I just tested that out on the browser version of Google calendar

The trick is to first select a normally repeating monthly event on the last#th/first weekday day of a month.

Note that for the 5th week, you cannot do this in the Google Calendar UI as per [Wayback] google calendar – Schedule an event for last Sunday (or another day of week) of each month – Web Applications Stack Exchange:

If you actually want a day on the 5th week of every month (versus the last week), the Google Calendar UI does not support this, but you can do it by importing an .ics file

Below is an example while writing this: adding a yearly recurring event on the last Sunday of May (which in 2021 was Sunday the 30th of May).

These are the steps:

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calendar google sub-calendar – Google Search

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/09/17

For a web-dashboard showing both agenda and month-calendar, I wanted to show the daily activities only on the agenda, and all other events on both the agenda and mont-calendar.

For that I needed a sub-Google-calendar for the daily activities next to the main Google-calendar, so I searched for [WayBack] calendar google sub-calendar – Google Search

Google sub calendars
Once the calendar is created, you’ll see it on your browser and in the app.
  • On your computer, open Google Calendar.
  • On the left side, above “My calendars,” click Add other calendars New calendar.
  • Add a name and description for your calendar.
  • Click Create calendar.
Create a new calendar – Calendar Help – Google Support


This wasn’t fully accurate:

  • the add option intuitively is a plus sign (+):

  • In addition it is not above “my calendars”, but next to “other calendars”:


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Need to put some research in Google Calendar support for EXRULE and EXDATE

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/15

Though the Google Calendar UI does not support EXRULE and EXDATE to exclude certain slots (via dates or rules) from recurring events.

The API supports them: [WayBackGoogle Calendar API, RRULE and EXDATE – Stack Overflow


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Some ideas to show a Google Calendar on a TV using a Raspberry Pi and HDMI output

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/10

Using OpenSuSE Tumbleweed E20 on Raspberry Pi 3: accessing the enlightenment desktop over VNC after automatic logon I wanted to buy an on-line read-only diary to help my mentally retarded brother see what his next few days are going to be like.

He increasingly has difficulty handling a paper agenda and has an agenda with 30 minute blocks like [ | Bureau Agenda 2017 – 1 dag per Pagina | 0041560163422 | Boeken (and the [] picture on the right), but actually he needs 15 minute blocks during some portions of the day.

We call that kind “bureau agenda” which I think translates well into “desk diary”.

They were quite different from the agendas I used to have at school (:

[WayBack[Zonder titel] Rijam agenda 1983/84 verzamelen? Stripcatalogus op Catawiki

For most school mates, they were more like this:

Had je een O’Neill of ging je voor De Familie Doorzon? De oude agenda’s uit je middelbare schooltijd zijn de verpersoonlijking van je eigen puber-ik. Afgelopen weekend startte in het Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum in Dordrecht de toffe tentoonstelling Grow Up over die vuistdikke, volgeplakte agenda’s.

[WayBackSchoolagenda vol sentiment | Go with the Vlo

Anyway, some ideas I initially had are below.

This is what I actually did:

Two things for the future:

Initial thoughts

Raspberry based:

Chromecast based:


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