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Google calendar: add a yearly repeating event on the last/#th/first weekday of a month

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/05

TL;DR: recurrence in Google Calendar can be tough.

Adding a yearly repeating event on a last weekday (where weekday is any day of the week: sunday, monday, etc) of a month in Google Calendar was a lot less obvious than I hoped for.

The easiest path “Custom Event” by default does not show last/#th/first, only a fixed date when selecting yearly or monthly repeating events, which is contrary to the suggested answer at [Wayback/] Google calendar question: How to set an event to repeat on the first Monday of a specific Month : google:

Create an event on September 3rd. Choose custom recurrence. Repeat every 12 months monthly on the first Monday. I just tested that out on the browser version of Google calendar

The trick is to first select a normally repeating monthly event on the last#th/first weekday day of a month.

Note that for the 5th week, you cannot do this in the Google Calendar UI as per [Wayback] google calendar – Schedule an event for last Sunday (or another day of week) of each month – Web Applications Stack Exchange:

If you actually want a day on the 5th week of every month (versus the last week), the Google Calendar UI does not support this, but you can do it by importing an .ics file

Below is an example while writing this: adding a yearly recurring event on the last Sunday of May (which in 2021 was Sunday the 30th of May).

These are the steps:

  1. Select the date belonging to the last weekday of a month, in this case the 30th of May in 2021:

  2. Click the “Create” button:

  3. Name it something sensible (I took “Last Sunday”), then click “Doesn’t repeat”

  4. Now do not immediately click “Custom…” as then the custom settings will omit the “Last Sunday” option:

  5. Click the “Monthly on the last Sunday” option:

  6. Now you might think this is the wrong repeat cycle, and it is, but that’s OK as we are not done yet:

  7. Click the down arrow next to “Monthly on the last Sunday”, then choose “Custom…”:

  8. Now the “Last Sunday” bit has been found its way to the settings:

  9. Now change the “1 months” into “12 months” (if you choose “1 years”, then you loose the “Last Sunday” bit again) and confirm by clicking “Done”:

  10. And observe we have a yearly (every 12 months) event for the “Last Sunday” of “May”:


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