Test network

Network test

This test will check the bandwidth and quality of your network. when you press ‘start test’, your webcam will be launched and we’ll connect to a test server. You might be asked to give permission to use the webcam.

Then we will test the connection for 15 seconds and measure the amount of date exchanged per second (in kilobytes), we also check if all packets arrive on your computer and the server and measure failed attempts (packet-loss)Note that Network environment may change, this test only gives an indiciation of your current bandwidth and loss.

The connection usually improves over time as it gets more stable; the average should therefor be lower then the last measurement, please keep a number in mind that is between the average and the last measurement

For an audio/video connection you need at least 60Kb/s in total bandwidth and less then 0.5% packet loss /s

For optimal performance for your webcamconsult requires over 120Kb/s in total and less then 0.3% packet-loss

Start Network test

Hardware test

With this test you can check your hardware (webcam and microphone). When you start the test, a screen will appear where you should see yourself through the webcam. A volume indicater, indicates the volume measured over the selected audio input device.

If you have multiple input devices, you will be able to select the one you want to use

Start Hardware test