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Twitter: find my new-style retweets that have images

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/01/11

This gets the tweets I retweeted and have images in them:

from:@jpluimers filter:images filter:nativeretweets

Based on:

  • [Wayback] twitter – How do I find my retweets of a certain account? – Web Applications Stack Exchange
    from:@someone filter:nativeretweets [KEYWORD(s)]

    This shows all retweets of @someone (including the optional KEYWORD(s)). If you retweeted the same tweet you can use @yourtwittername instead of @someone.

  • This article gives you a robust overview of everything you need to know about advanced TweetDeck features.[Wayback] About advanced TweetDeck features

    To search for mentions of #space from verified accounts, excluding Retweets, type the following in the search box: #space filter:verified -filter:nativeretweets

  • [Wayback] Difference between -filter:retweet and -filter:nativeretweets in Twitter Search API 1.1 – Stack Overflow

    I believe per TweetDeck documentation ( this is the difference:

    filter:nativeretweets shows retweets from users who have hit the retweet button. filter:retweets shows old style retweets (“RT”) + quoted tweets.

    Those are filtering FOR those types of results, but as you’ve done, the – is necessary to filter them out -filter:nativeretweets or -filter:retweets

  • [Wayback/] Twitter API 1.1 tweets / favorites (likes) / following / followers backup in web browser
    /* Twitter API 1.1 tweets / favorites (likes) / following / followers backup in web browser
     * Get your access keys to use Twitter API 1.1:
     * You can change Twitter API URL and Twitter screen_name, then execute script from a trusted web page without CSP protection like about:blank in a web browser console (F12 or Ctrl+Shift+K shortcut)
     * A textarea will appear so you can copy/paste to save data as a CSV file or search tweets / users in your web browser (Ctrl+F shortcut)
     * You can then view your backup in a spreadsheet editor like LibreOffice Calc
     * You can also compare the backup with another one to see who unfollowed you, who changed their Twitter username by looking at the user ID or which tweet you retweeted / favorited was deleted (e.g. with the Linux diff command)
     * Note about the tweets backup:
     * Usually you will search tweets that you retweeted using Twitter web version ( with a search like "from:your_username filter:nativeretweets keyword"
     * But it is limited to the retweets of the last 7 days, like for the free version of the search API (
     * An alternative is to search tweets in your user timeline with this script but it is limited to your last 3200 tweets (including retweets and replies)
     * This script can be combined with the Twitter feature to backup data, which is not limited to your last 3200 tweets but you can only request a backup every 30 days
     * To find tweets that you retweeted or favorited / liked from a specific person, you can open the CSV file with LibreOffice Calc, click on the column you want to search and press Ctrl+H to search a username


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