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Delphi XE2 Update 1 is out; be sure to get it.

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/28

I’m at the BASTA.NET conference, so I need to keep this short:

Be sure to get Delphi XE2 Update 1 and read the release notes. You will need it in order to apply future updates, which will come soon and often: a big change when compared to previous product releases.

You will need do a full uninstall/install cycle, which will take a while.

On the Mac, you will also need to uninstall/install the Delphi XE 2 FireMonkey iOS support package as well.

It is worth it: tons of bug fixes, and an importent fix to comply with licensing (the first XE2 version had a license issue with the GLScene: if you have 3D apps, then Installing Update 1 and rebuilding your source will ensure that your applications have a valid redistributable license).

Bug fixes (over 120!) are in these areas:

  • FireMonkey design-time and run-time fixes
  • New VCL Styles
  • VCL Styles design-time and run-time fixes
  • IDE fixes to improve stability
  • C++ and Delphi compiler fixes


4 Responses to “Delphi XE2 Update 1 is out; be sure to get it.”

  1. Hi Jeroen,

    How do you uninstall the FireMonkey iOS support package from OS X? – The only way I could find to uninstall anything is to dropp the application into Trash, but presumably this has deployed FPC and other stuff that might need a proper uninstaller?

    I havent actually tried this, so apologies if the new package install handles this automatically!



    • jpluimers said

      Just re-run the installer and it should reinstall.
      One of the Mac “things” is that uninstall of shared software is, well how do I phrase this friendly, below par.
      It “helps” tremendously that that there is no common kind of registration mechanism for shared stuff.
      Since the FireMonkey iOS part of Delphi XE2 on your Mac consists of only the three things below, you should be fine:
      – standard FPC 2.4 bootstrap binary
      – beta FPC 2.5.1 compiled version
      – FireMonkey library sources and binaries for iOS
      Only the last ones changed.

  2. Tom van der Vlugt said

    It is a pity that a full uninstall and an install cycle is needed in order to get Update1 installed. I hope that this awkward procedure won’t happen to us again.
    Okay, there should be a reason for this procedure, but it is very time-consuming.
    In the past an update is a mere update file of 40 megabytes and a wait for ten minutes and voila, Delphi has been updated.

    • jpluimers said

      The last time this happened with Delphi 2007, so if that is an indication the next one will be in 2015 :)
      OTOH: I run VMs, so I can just backup and run the update on a copy.

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