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The IDEA project – an ongoing series of nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/10

I wonder how many new algorithms were added, as the first 6 were really impressive: [WayBackIDEA on Twitter: “Excited to announce the IDEA project – an ongoing series of nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions:…”

While originally scheduling this, these were added:


    The gift wrapping algorithm is an algorithm for computing the convex hull of a set of points, the smallest area containing all points that has no inward-pointing dents. You get a similar result when putting a rubber band around some nails in the wall!

  • [WayBack] KVICK SÖRT

    Quicksort is an efficient sorting algorithm based on a divide and conquer approach. Choosing the dividing element at random is a good strategy to avoid bad worst-case runtime.

  • [WayBack] BOGO SÖRT

    Bogo sort, also known as stupid sort, is a simple, but highly inefficient sorting algorithm, which simply shuffles the elements until they are sorted.


    Public-key cryptography can be used for (at least) two purposes: A person’s public key can be used to send encrypted messages to the keys’ owner.

This in addition to the already existing ones:


    Binary search is a fast algorithm for finding the position of a value within a sorted array. It reflects the way people intuitively guess numbers by repeatedly asking Is your number bigger or smaller than x?

  • [WayBack] MERGE SÖRT

    Merge sort is a recursive sorting algorithm based on a divide and conquer approach.

  • [WayBack] BÄLÄNCE TREE

    An AVL tree is a datastructure which guarantees fast search, insertion, and deletion of items. It’s a self-balancing variant of the _binary search tree_.

  • [WayBack] GRÅPH SKÄN

    The graph scan algorithm traverses all reachable nodes in a graph. Its behaviour can be changed by plugging in different datastructures:


    This page describes Fleury’s algorithm, an elegant method to find an Eulerian path in a graph — a path which visits every edge exactly once.


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