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13 Tips for Writing Useful Unit Tests | by Nick Hodges | Better Programming

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/21

[Wayback/] 13 Tips for Writing Useful Unit Tests | by Nick Hodges | Better Programming (I made direct links to the topics in the below quote):

How you write your tests is as important as writing them

1. Test One Thing at a Time in Isolation
2. Follow the AAA Rule: Arrange, Act, Assert
3. Write Simple “Fastball-Down-the-Middle” Tests First
4. Test Across Boundaries
5. If You Can, Test the Entire Spectrum
6. If Possible, Cover Every Code Path
7. Write Tests That Reveal a Bug, Then Fix It
8. Make Each Test Independent
9. Name Your Tests Clearly and Don’t Be Afraid of Long Names
10. Test That Every Raised Exception Is Raised
11. Avoid the Use of Assert.IsTrue
12. Constantly Run Your Tests
13. Run Your Tests as Part of Every Automated Build


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