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Archive for the ‘Open Source’ Category

Thomas Mueller’s Open Source Projects

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/12/03

Since Thomas has been moving projects to OSDN, he now keeps a list of which one is where at [WayBack] My Open Source Projects – twm’s blog



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Doctors disabled wireless in Dick Cheney’s pacemaker to thwart hacking – Naked Security

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/10/22

Medical devices are still vulnerable, five years after this became public:

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney’s doctors disabled his pacemaker’s wireless capabilities to thwart possible assassination attempts, he said in an interview with CBS’s ̶…

[WayBackDoctors disabled wireless in Dick Cheney’s pacemaker to thwart hacking – Naked Security

I knew they were, but never realised Dick Cheney had a modified one implanted.

Some people are more equal to others…

via: the below video “Freedom In My Heart And Everywhere” from the 2012 Keynote by Karen Sandler.


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/dev/lawyer Open Source License Business Perception Report

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/20

Looking at [WayBack/dev/lawyer Open Source License Business Perception Report it seems that the [Archive.isApache License 2.0 causes the least pain and confusion for lawyers.

Via: [WayBack] Open Source License Business Perception Report: the pain and confusion of common open licenses, roughly quantified – This is why I Code – Google+


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The ##Netherlands saw a big I.T. project meant to deliver a new citizen regis…

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/30


[WayBack] The Netherlands saw a big I.T. project meant to deliver a new citizen registry system fail. So they did one thing right. All the source code is now on github… – Jan Wildeboer – Google+

It includes both documentation and source code.

A bit of browsing reveals at least some of the technologies used:

Most of the SQL code seems to be generated.

There are truckloads of .XML configuration files, typical for a Java environment. Some configuration is in .properties files.


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Welcome to – tips around open source and Linux stuff

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/09/12

At the time of discovering Welcome to via More ISP Mail saveback – Joe C. Hecht – Google+:

ISPmail tutorials

The famous ISP-style mail server tutorials live here. Learn how to set up your own fully-functional mail server using Postfix, Dovecot IMAP/POP3 and MySQL backend on a Debian server just like your favorite mail or website hosting provider.

I have been maintaining the ISPmail tutorial since Debian Woody. However those older Debian versions are no longer supported. If you still like to read the old versions I have provided PDF versions of the tutorials for Squeeze, Lenny, Etch, Sarge andWoody.

Thoughts blog

My projects

I am a system administrator and programmer. In my nerdy spare time I work on web applications, Python and Ruby programs, write articles or explore new software technologies. On you can find news, solutions and hints on my findings and get help. Of course your feedback is welcome.
These are some projects I am currently working on:

IRC – Internet relay chat

  • IRC is a great medium for getting instant help (at least on the freenode IRC network). I have collected some tips about Getting help on IRC to help you get help instead of getting barbecued.
  • knoba’s factoids
    I run a bot called knoba (short for knowledge base) on the freenode IRC network. Two channels I visit frequently are #postfix and #squid. So I have fed the bot with lots of factoids that you can query using !foobar in the channel. These are the factoids understood in #squid and #postfix. Please don’t play with the bot publicly. Send it a “/msg knoba help" and learn how it works.

Linux tips

Regarding the Squid web proxy

Padrino web framework

Zabbix monitoring

Zabbix is a mighty open-source monitoring software. If you need a serious system for your organisation and manage to condone its creepy web interface it is hands down the the most superior software I have ever seen. And I have been dealing with monitoring software since Nagios was called Netsaint.

These articles should help you in your daily work maintaining a monitoring system:



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