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Archive for the ‘Windows Defender’ Category

17 years ago, C:\nul\nul crashed/BSOD Windows; now $MFT does for Windows < 10

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/05/26


History repeating itself: [Archive.is31607 – C:\nul\nul crashes/BSOD then, now it’s this:


All versions prior to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 seem vulnerable.

So add $MFT to this list:

The following device names have been known to render a system unstable: CON,

Oh BTW: history repeated itself this year too. With NUL

In short, Steven Sheldon created a rust package named nul which broke the complete package manager on Windows:

BTW: one of my gripes on learning new languages is that they come with a whole new idiom of their ecosystem: rust, cargo, crates, all sound like being a truck mechanic to me.


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Microsoft Defender (aka Antimalware) using lots of CPU when machine becomes idle (via: MsMpEng.exe ISSUES! Using very high amounts of CPU, during scans – Microsoft Community)

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/06/08

When using Windows VMs on my MacBook Retina, often they’d start using excessive CPU after I switched back to my OS X screen.

This is very distracting, for instance during presentations, as it also starts humming the fans at close to 100 Hz (for non techies: nearly 6000 rpm).

When switching back to the VM, and going to Task Manager soon enough, I observed a MsMpEng+high+cpu+usage.

Since I knew this was caused by Windows Defender, I first tried to “Excluded files and locations” MsMpEng.exe, but that did not help.

My second thought was that it was caused by idle behaviour. Disabling that was indeed the cause. Since doing that was kind of hard to circumvent, here is how:

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