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Archive for the ‘ISO8859’ Category

Recommended reads when dealing with Character Encodings in software

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/05/06

Apart from the mandatory Joel on Software article about Unicode and Character sets, these two articles are of great value too:

Fun to read from that blog is the Historical Technology  section including this article:


PS: The mandatory one is The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!) – Joel on Software.


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Web means Unicode

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/02/12

Google published an interesting graph generated from their internal data based on their indexed web pages.Encodings on the web

A quick summary of popular encodings based on the graph:

  1. Unicode – almost 50% and rapidly rising
  2. ASCII20% and falling
  3. Western European* – 20% and falling
  4. Rest – 10% and falling

Conclusion: if you do something with the web, make sure you support Unicode.

When you are using Delphi, and need help with transitioning to Unicode: contact me.


* Western European encodings: Windows-1252, ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-15.

Reference: Official Google Blog: Unicode nearing 50% of the web.

Edit: 20100212T1500

Some people mentioned (either in the comments or otherwise) that a some sites pretend they emit Unicode, but in fact they don’t.
This doesn’t relieve you from making sure you support Unicode: Don’t pretend you support Unicode, but do it properly!

Examples of bad support for Unicode are not limited to the visible web, but also applications talking to the web, and to webservices (one of my own experiences is explained in StUF – receiving data from a provider where UTF-8 is in fact ISO-8859: it shows an example where a vendor does Unicode support really wrong).

So: when you support Unicode, support it properly.


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CodeRage 4 session material download locations changed – CodeCentral messed up

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/09/18

Somehow, CodeCentral managed to not only delete my uploaded CodeRage 4 session materials (the videos are fine!), but also newer uploads with other submissions.

Since I’m in crush mode to get the BASTA! and DelphiLive 2009 Germany sessions done, and all Embarcadero sites having to do with their membership server perform like a dead horse, I have temporary moved the downloads, and corrected my earlier post on the downloads.

I have notified Embarcadero of the problems, so I’m pretty sure they are being addressed on their side as well.
Edit 20090919: Embarcadero indicated that between 20090913 and 20090914 there has been a database restore on CodeCentral. Some entries therefore have been permanently lost.

When I get back from the conferences, and CodeCentral is more responsive, I’ll retry uploading it there, and correct the posts.
In the mean time, be sure not to save shortcuts to the current locations, as they are bound to change.

The are the new download locations can all be found in my xs4all temporary CodeRage 4 2009 download folder.

This is the full list of my CodeRage 4 sessions and places where you can download everything: Read the rest of this entry »

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CodeRage 4: session replays are online too!

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/09/13

Embarcadero has made available the replays of the CodeRage 4 sessions.
You can find them in the CodeRage 4 sessions overview.

In order to download them from that overview, NOTE: To access this session replay, you must be logged into EDN. you can login or sign-up (which is free).

To make it easier to find all the relevant downloads, below is an overview of my sessions and their links.

Let me know what you use it for, I’m always interested!

Update 20090918: changed the download locations because CodeCentral messed up.
Read the rest of this entry »

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CodeRage 4: session “Using Unicode and Other Encodings in your Programs” video, chat and Q&A transcripts

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/09/11

Not only can you watch the video and download the CodeRage 4 session on materials on Using Unicode and Other Encodings in your Programs, but below you can also find the chat transcripts below.

VIP Room Transcript with Q&A

(9/11/2009 9:09:19 AM) The topic is: Session Room 2 – “Using Unicode and Other Encodings in your Programs” by Jeroen Pluimers

Public Room Transcript

(5:52:14 PM) Christine_Ellis has set the topic to: Session Room 2 – “Using Unicode and Other Encodings in your Programs” by Jeroen Pluimers
(9/11/2009 9:12:47 AM) Jeroen_Pluimers: I got a bunch of 406 error messages in the jibber chat client, so I was afraid it lost the connection :-)
(9/11/2009 9:15:45 AM) Jim_Ferguson: Jeroen, Have you been getting a bunch of internal errors when you get fancy with generics?
(9/11/2009 9:15:53 AM) Borland: BTW, DavidI, excellent internet radio choice of KPIG. Very good Blues.
(9/11/2009 9:36:43 AM) Mandy_Walker:
(9/11/2009 9:39:14 AM) Jim_Ferguson: Strings are getting fatter on the back end.
(9/11/2009 9:40:39 AM) Mandy_Walker: Sorry, for incorrect link from slide. Better
(9/11/2009 9:49:20 AM) Jim_Ferguson: TBYtes and pChar arent equivalt. TBytes is a dynamic array. Shouln’t be pByte instead of TBytes?
(9/11/2009 9:53:05 AM) Jim_Ferguson: Sounds like Intel needs to build Unicode into the processor. There is a lot of out board thinking when it comes to characters now.
(9/11/2009 9:57:19 AM) Mandy_Walker:
(9/11/2009 9:58:26 AM) Borland: Thanks Joroen, this was packed with great information sources.
(9/11/2009 9:59:09 AM) Jeroen_Pluimers:
(9/11/2009 9:59:17 AM) Jeroen_Pluimers:
(9/11/2009 9:59:24 AM) Mandy_Walker: Thx, Jeroen
(9/11/2009 10:00:47 AM) Erwin_Mouthaan: Bedankt Jeroen. Leuke presentatie!
(9/11/2009 10:01:04 AM) jthurman: Jeroen is a marching band guy?
(9/11/2009 10:01:05 AM) M_L: Thanks!
(9/11/2009 10:01:21 AM) Jeroen_Pluimers:
(9/11/2009 10:01:22 AM) Giel: Bedankt Jeroen!
(9/11/2009 10:01:32 AM) Robert_D_Smith: I played snare and bass drum, Jeroen
(9/11/2009 10:01:40 AM) jthurman: Jeroen: I teach high school marching band in the USA. We should talk sometime.
(9/11/2009 10:02:05 AM) Jeroen_Pluimers: write me an email:
(9/11/2009 10:02:09 AM) jthurman: Will do
(9/11/2009 10:02:45 AM) Robert_Evans: Thanks Jeroen. Great stuff!
(9/11/2009 10:03:11 AM) Jeroen_Pluimers: you are welcome; let me know when you have questions or run into things that I might be able to help with
(9/11/2009 10:04:48 AM) Jeroen_Pluimers: talking about migration projects: we have done quite a few for clients; so if you need help with that as well, drop me an email
(9/11/2009 10:05:46 AM) Christine_Ellis has set the topic to: Session Room 2 – “New Features in the RAD Studio IDE” by Mark Duncan & Darren Kosinski


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