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Archive for the ‘iPad’ Category

“the user name or password for is incorrect” – iPad, iPod or iPhone with iOS < 7

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/13

If you ever get a “the user name or password for is incorrect” on an iPad, iPod or iPhone with iOS version less than 7, then don’t waste time about entering captchas or fiddling with URLs: it took me 2 hours to find this is caused by GMail enforcing OAuth2 and blocking less secure apps mid 2014 after announcing it in April 2014.

Note that besides iOS < 7, these are also considered unsafe: the Mail-app on Windows Phone-version less than 8.1, some versions of desktop e-mail clients like (tadaaaaa!) Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Almost all searches for the error message lead you into trying to opening Safari on your iOS device visiting or switching your servers from to (or back), but these tricks don’t help.

What does help is (if you really insist on using a less secure app) to enable these less secure apps in your google account: Note this does not work when you have 2-step verification enabled.

I came across this when donating my old iPad 1 devices and the people could not use it for GMail. Since the GMail app in iTunes doesn’t support iOS 5.1.1 any more basically the devices are now glorious photo frames.


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You cannot create an iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store account without a credit card. You  – Apple Support

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/09

So I gave my mom an iPad. But she doesn’t have a credit card. As having one is not usual for Dutch people, especially for elderly Dutch people. Why would you need one if you can pay anything you require online with your Bank Card?

Well: from an iPad, you cannot sign in to iTunes without first adding a credit card. There is no other way. No bank account (which is very common in Europe). No iTunes voucher. No nothing. This is what you have to do:

If you’ve already created your Apple ID, you’ll need to add a payment method when you first use it to sign in to the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store. But you can optionally remove the payment method after you sign in to the store. You won’t be asked for a payment method again until you make your first purchase.

I haven’t even checked iTunes for on her PC, as iTunes is so utterly user unfriendly (for instance you cannot drag-drop music to your iPad from a folder. You need iTunes and I’d need to explain here about all sorts of clouds other than where rain comes from) that I won’t even try to teach her how to use it.

What I finally did is add my own credit card (apparently they don’t do name or address checks), then remove it.


Source: Create an iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store account without a credit card or other payment method – Apple Support

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tools for iPad as second screen, or show iPad screen on your computer

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/06/24

While Watching the CodeRage Mobile conference last week, I noticed Bruno Fierens showing his iPad on a PC.

I also thought about the other way around: show your PC or Mac on your iPad or using your iPad as a second (third?) monitor to your regular machine.

So here are some links to tools I want to look into further:

I’ve not done comparisons yet. These sites have compared some of the products though:


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dockStubz+: 30-pin Pass-Through Adapter with side Micro-USB port and USB/FireWire charge conversion circuitry

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/05/02

Interesting device I want to try out (probably from CableJive dockStubz+).

It is a 30-pin Pass-Through adapter for iPod/iPhone/iPad (lets call them iDevice).

Reasons to get one (or more depending on the number of devices/chargers you use regularly):

  • Use the connector to connect a compatible device, while still charging through the side micro-USB power port on the adapter.
  • Charge modern iDevice with old chargers and old iDevice with modern chargers.
  • Put your iDevice in a dock even when you have a bumper or case around it.

A few pictures showing their use are below.

Basically, there are two verions of charging circuitry: USB based and FireWire based.

I will make sure to get the + version, as it combines these two:

dockStubz+ model includes charge conversion circuitry for those older docks and accessories that don’t charge while they are connected. Safely connect your mobile device to any dock and get the charging you need.


via: dockStubz Charge Converter and 30-pin Pass-Through Adapter.

 (een larger)

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Interesting: HotspotShield (VPN for iPhone/Mac/Windows to Access Blocked Sites; Surf Anonymously)

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/14

Interesting: HotspotShield VPN to surf from a USA IP address.

There is a free version with ads, and a payed version without ads.

Probably more services like this exist, but this has been working for me.

Yup there are:


via: Download Free VPN for iPhone, Mac and Windows to Access Blocked Sites & Surf Anonymously.

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